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We’re Opening!

a large ship in a body of water

We have good news – we’re opening Friday, May 22! And we have availability. You can call us at 530.541.5448 or book online

Feeling iffy about the country reopening? We understand, and we want to assure you that we have taken the proper and necessary precautions to ensure our guests’ safety upon reopening. You can read all about the steps we have taken in last week’s blog. 

With us reopening there are a few things you should note:

  • Most importantly – there is still a travel ban in place for the entire state of California. We are NOT encouraging tourism at this time. We do feel as though we have enough local clientele to reopen and stay busy. We look forward to serving visitors when the time is right. 
  • Masks are required to enter the store/office and you will need them throughout the fishing trip. Please plan accordingly. We do sell them in our store if you forgot.
  • Paid parking is not being enforced. You can park in what would typically be the “paid” lot for free. Please do not move the barriers to park in Riva’s lot. 
  • Artemis and Empanash are open for “To Go” service only. Riva is closed. The gas station on the corner is open. Please plan your food and drinks ahead of time. We will still have a light pastry breakfast that is pre-packaged available for our morning charters. There will still be sodas, waters, and coffee (in the morning) for you on our boats. You are as always, more than welcome to bring your own beverages (including booze!). 
  • Please only have one person from your group in our office to check-in for your trip.
  • Please be aware of how many customers are in our office/store at a time, and do not exceed eight people. If there are already eight people in the store, please wait outside. We look forward to serving you once it is your turn. 
  • Our public charters are still public. We have decreased their allowed size, but please know that if you book a public charter, you could be on a boat with another small group. We are doing everything we can to ensure proper social distancing is maintained between groups.
  • Our private groups are not to exceed eight people. If your group is larger than eight, we can still take you out, but your group will be split up accordingly between the right number of boats. 
  • We are currently not accepting ride-along passengers and we apologize for this inconvenience. We are not currently accepting children under 5 for free due to the necessity of maintaining low numbers on our charters. 
We can’t wait for this!

We appreciate your cooperation and support. Guidelines change daily and we are quickly adapting to keep up with everything. We are happy with the progression that has been made to allow us to reopen. Again, we look forward to serving locals on Friday and our faithful tourists once the travel ban is lifted.