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From Fishing Customer to Deckhand

a small boat in a large body of water

At the age of 7 years old, Dave Turner went fishing with Tahoe Sport Fishing and the original owner, Dean Lockwood. They only caught one fish, a mackinaw, but lasting memories were made. The deckhand working that day joked with Dave, and made such an impression that by the end of the trip Dave said, “I want to work as a deckhand for this company one day.”

Fast forward, 40some years and Dave Turner is now a deckhand with Captain Cesar at Tahoe Sport Fishing. Dave has been an excellent addition to the Tahoe Sport Fishing family. He is hard working, reliable and kind. If you’ve fished with Captain Cesar and Dave this summer, chances are Dave helped make your experience a memorable one.

Dave has done a lot between fishing with Dean and coming back to work as a deckhand. He served in the Marines as a diesel mechanic, worked on fishing boats in Mexico, drilled water wells, was a beer distributor, sold cars, overhauled helicopters, drove trucks, serviced Coast Guard ships and Naval vessels, built flight simulators, and worked for a NASCAR team service. What a life!

“We were amazed to learn Dave had fished with Dean Lockwood, the founder of Tahoe Sport Fishing. Dave is the kindest man and we are thrilled to have him on our team. We are hoping he will make Tahoe his permanent home. He would be an incredible Captain.” Shannon Shearer, co-owner of Tahoe Sport Fishing.

Dave has been residing in Arizona for the past 28 years and traveling for jobs. He decided this was the summer for him to come up to work for Tahoe Sport Fishing and is living in employee housing provided by the owners, John and Shannon Shearer. What a way to spend a summer!

If you are looking to fish on Lake Tahoe with Captain Cesar and Dave, or any of our other amazing crew members this summer, we are currently accepting reservations. You can give us a call (530.541.5448) or book online.

If there are any more Daves in the world, we are always accepting resumes. Please email [email protected].