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Fishing with Tahoe Sportfishing

a large ship in a body of water

Picture this: It’s a glassy morning on Lake Tahoe. Your hair is blowing in the breeze as the boat whisks you to your fishing destination. There are so few other boats on the lake, that it feels like you have the entire lake to yourself. The air is fresh and clean. The lake is blue as far as your eye can see. The sun is still rising. There is snow on the mountain peaks. You’re enjoying a warm cup of coffee as music plays (probably Miley or Katy Perry if you’re with Captain Zach) to wake you up. 

The Captain guides you to a fishing spot and the staff immediately begins setting up the fishing lines once you’ve arrived. The boat drifts along as the knowledgeable staff instructs you on the best practices for fishing on the lake. You enjoy the calmness of the lake and share some laughs with your group as you wait for the first bite.

The line starts tugging. You yell “Fish on!” to alert the crew that you have a bite. They offer you guidance for reeling the fish in and are ready with a net to bring in your catch. You reel and reel and finally can start to see the fish. It looks like a shiny, silver sliver at first, then gets bigger and bigger. You continue to reel and when it’s close enough the deckhand skillfully nets the fish. Sometimes it’s graceful, other times not so much, but the skill is there. Trust us. Sometimes the fish literally jump into the net – we’ve seen it happen.

After the first bite, your group continues to get bites. Some fish you pull in with no issues, others you lose, but hey, that’s fishing. Either way, fishing makes for a great start to your day. The staff clean and bag your fish at the end of the trip. Shortly after the boat docks you are on your way to enjoy them.

If you don’t want to cook the fish yourself drop it off at MacDuffs or Riva Grill. Both restaurants will prepare the fish into a full meal served family style for you and your companions. MacDuffs charges $21 per person and serves your fish blackened, with a sherry cream sauce and as fish and chips. The meal comes with fresh veggies and a salad. Riva Grill charges $27.50 a person and will prepare your fish into fish tacos, fish and chips, or blackened served with a vegetable orzo. Both are great options and the perfect way to end your fishing trip. Please drop your fish off as soon as you are done fishing. Reservations are recommended at Riva. Your fish serve as your reservation at MacDuffs. Please allow MacDuffs an hour to prepare your fish and Riva two hours.

Tahoe Sport Fishing can accommodate singles, families, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as large corporate groups. We offer public and private boats for your group of any size. Call or text with questions or to book, or you can book online.

We look forward to getting on the water with you!