Lake Tahoe Fish Species

Kokanee Salmon



Average size 1-2lbs. Lake record was 5.2 lbs and was caught by Tahoe Sportfishing!  Silvery sides, brilliant steel-blue to bluish green back. No distinct black spots, color changes to red during spawning; dwarf landlocked form of a sockeye.

Large oligotrophic lakes in the West. Anadromous, usually spawning in streams that have lakes as their source.

Lake Trout


Average size 3-7lbs. The lake record is 37.6lbs. Tail deeply forked, fins not emarginated. Color variable, from light gray, green, brown, to nearly black, with profuse irregular whitish (near pink) spots on back and sides, and pale spots on dorsal fin; color never bright; belly sometimes spotted.

Deep-water lakes; shallow water in fall and winter.

Rainbow Trout


Average size 2-6lbs. Body rounded in cross-section. Head comparatively short, maxilla reaches to scarcely beyond eye; lining of mouth white. Sides and belly silvery; when spawning in fresh water, a broad lateral, red stripe appears, especially in males.

Cold, fast streams.

Brown Trout


Average size is 3-5 lbs. Distinguished by reddish-orange spots on back and sides of body, ringed with lighter pigment to form halos. back of tongue toothless; maxilla reached to point below back margin of eye. Color yellow-brown to brown, with with many spots on top of head, cheeks, back, and paired fins; sides yellow-brown, belly yellow to white.

Anadromous, found occasionally in brackish water near mouths of streams and in warm and slow trout waters.

Lake Tahoe Daily Fish Limits

Makinaw (Lake Trout) – limit 2/day

A combined fish total of 5 fish altogether.

Helpful reminders

What to Bring?

We recommend that our customers dress in layers, so as to be prepared for all weather conditions. November through May can bring snow and/or rain and cold temperatures. Unlike weather in other parts of the country, cold weather here is a dry cold. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

  • Layers of Clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen


Fishing License

Don’t forget your CA or NV State Fishing License! All fisherman 16 & older are required to have a fishing license for either California or Nevada.

If you don’t have one already, we sell the CA one-day and annual licenses in our Ski Run office!

The one-day license is $17.02 each and can be purchased when you check in for your charter.

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