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Why You Should Fish with Tahoe Sport Fishing over Thanksgiving Week

a small boat in a large body of water

So, you’ve planned a Thanksgiving trip to Lake Tahoe to ski and play in a winter wonderland. Well, California weather had other plans. With the resorts pushing back their opening dates you might be wondering “what are we going to do all week?”. We’re here to help.

Let us recommend fishing on beautiful Lake Tahoe with Tahoe Sport Fishing. We fish year round and go out twice daily, in the morning and the afternoon. Our morning charter is currently going out at 8 a.m. (that’s not even that early!) and is five hours long. Our afternoon charter is currently going out at 1 p.m. and is 4 hours long. We currently have limited availability throughout the week and would love to take you out on the water! Is there a better way to spend your Thanksgiving week in Lake Tahoe? We’re skeptical.

Winter Fishing Lake Tahoe

Catch your dinner with a Thanksgiving fishing trip!

Once you’ve caught your fish, head on over to MacDuff’s Pub. They’ll cook the fish into a full meal for you. You’ll start with a salad, then they’ll prepare the fish three ways for you with fries and veggies. It is an additional cost ($27 per person), but highly recommended.

MacDuff's Fresh Caught Fish

Is there a better feeling of accomplishment than when you catch your own dinner?

We know man cannot live by fishing alone. Well, at least not when it comes to entertainment. One could actually go pretty far with fishing alone, especially in our opinions. But we have other recommendations to keep you having fun throughout the week.

  • The unseasonably warm temps are making optimal hiking weather! Bring your hiking shoes and hit the trail.
  • Book a Thanksgiving feast at a local restaurant and let someone else do the cooking.
  • Try some indoor putt-putt golf.
  • There’s certainly no shortage of bars in this town…
  • Drive around the lake. Take advantage of the snow free roads and head out around the lake with stops at Emerald Bay and Sand Harbor.


If you are looking to fish with Tahoe Sport Fishing this week, we are currently accepting reservations. You can give us a call (530.541.5448 – recommended) or book online. We hope to see you soon!