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What to Wear on A Tahoe Sport Fishing Charter

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We’re at just over a week of being open. Have you joined us on a Tahoe Sport Fishing charter yet? If not, that’s ok! You’ve got all summer. 

There are two questions that come up a lot when we’re booking fishing charters for our guests – 1. What should we wear? 2. What should we bring? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers for you.

What to wear: 

  • The weather in Tahoe tends to be unpredictable. With snow on record every calendar day throughout the year, we always recommend dressing in layers. Especially if you’re joining us in the morning, it tends to be cool and warm up quickly. If you’re coming on an afternoon trip, it doesn’t hurt to bring a sweatshirt (and yes, we sell them if you forgot!). 
  • Sunscreen – even though you might not feel like you’re getting that much sun, trust us, you are. Apply sunscreen before your trip and don’t forget to reapply throughout the trip. This includes SPF lip balm!
  • A hat – the sun is strong in Tahoe, and a hat is great at protecting your skin and your eyes. 
  • Face mask – this is a new suggestion, but in light of everything that’s going on, we definitely recommend adding a face mask to your packing list. We also sell these if you are in need.

What to bring:

  • Feel free to bring any snacks you may want. We provide waters and sodas on board as well as coffee and a light pastry breakfast on the morning charters. 
  • Booze. We’re not here to judge. BYOB is encouraged. 
  • Fishing license – if you’ve got it, make sure you have it handy. 

What not to bring:

  • Bananas. Seriously, don’t do it. Very bad fishing ju ju. 
  • Fishing gear – Our boats are equipped with everything you need to fish, so you can leave yours at home. 

What are some of your fishing trip must haves? Let us know in the comments below. 

If you’re looking to fish on Lake Tahoe, give us a call (530.541.5448) or book online. We’re looking forward to a fun summer with everyone!