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Top 5 Lake Tahoe Activities

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Summer is coming. The weather has been beautiful, the lake has been calm, and we are ready to get you on the lake. So, you’ve arrived in Lake Tahoe. Now what? We know fishing can’t take up your entire vacation (unfortunately), so we’ve compiled our list of top five activities for you, your family, and/or your friends to enjoy. 

  • Emerald Bay – This spot is one of the most photographed locations in the country, so of course you don’t want to miss it during your trip. It’s accessible by driving and you can spend the day hiking around the area. You can also access this beautiful location by boat – captains are highly recommended to truly enjoy the day. You can even do this on a fishing charter! Book a private Tahoe Sport Fishing charter and get the boat to yourself for that time frame to fish and sightsee.
  • Hiking – Tahoe is known for the ample hiking including a variety of trails. For the novice, we recommend Van Sickle Bi State Park. For the intermediate hiker, we recommend Eagle Lake. If you’re looking for a full day of strenuous hiking, Mt. Tallac has some of the best views around the lake and one of the highest peak in the basin. 
  • Boating – If you didn’t get your fill of boating on a Tahoe Sport Fishing charter, head over to Ski Run Boat Company for powerboat, pontoon, kayak and/or jet ski rentals, as well as parasailing. Our Ski Run Marina neighbors can help you get on the water in a variety of ways! 
  • Sight Seeing – If you’ve got time to spare, we suggest driving around the lake. Hit up our first recommended activity of Emerald Bay and make your way around the scenic views surrounding Lake Tahoe. Don’t miss the East Shore with some of the most picturesque beaches on the lake. 

Obviously, Tahoe has a lot to offer. Some other notable recommendations are mountain biking, backpacking, and paddleboarding. And don’t forget to book your fishing charter with us! We are currently accepting summer reservations. 

We’re curious, what’s on your Tahoe to-do list?