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How to prepare for a fishing charter on Lake Tahoe

A deckhand helping a customer catch their fish
Photo Taken by Moondulla Media

If you’re a seasoned fisherman or a first-timer, a fishing charter like Tahoe Sport Fishing is a fantastic way to experience the lake. To make your trip even better, consider the following tips.

Firstly, bring appropriate clothing as most lakes, especially alpine lakes like Lake Tahoe, are prone to sudden changes in wind and rain. It’s a good idea to pack alternative clothing for windy and rainy weather such as shorts, t-shirts, long-sleeve pants, and a light rain or wind jacket. This way, you’ll be prepared for any weather conditions and can fish comfortably.

Secondly, bring plenty of food and water. Although a fishing charter typically involves a lot of standing, landing a big fish can exhaust your upper and lower body. Apart from the physical demands, expect to learn something new as fishing with strangers on a boat differs from a solo or small friend trip. Captains and deckhands are often veteran fishermen who can teach you basic fishing techniques and can even suggest the right brand of corn a salmon might prefer. Therefore, eating a good breakfast and bringing light snacks is a must!

Thirdly, bring a camera. Photographs can be a great way to reflect on your vacation. Captains and deckhands are knowledgeable in making your catch look impressive, so you are able to make great clips and videos to inspire your next adventure!

Lastly, be early! The early bird catches the worm, and our morning trips are usually the first to book out. However, being early means more than just booking the early morning fishing trip. In towns like South Lake Tahoe that boast great lakes, the summer months can be quite busy. Leaving early is key to finding parking and making it to your fishing trip on time. Additionally, customers who have had the most peaceful experiences on our charters are those who have sorted out all the loose ends. They have their fishing licenses ready to go, finalized their group numbers, and even scouted the marina ahead of time. This will make your charter a memorable experience rather than a stressful maze of chaos.

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