Standard FAQ

How big are your boats?

We have 8 Coast Guard Certified vessels in our fleet ranging in sizes from 30 feet to 45 feet.

How many other people will be on the boat?

We like to keep our charters nice and roomy and typically have 6-8 fisherman per boat on our public charters. We can accommodate larger groups on our private charters.  All our boats are Coast Guard Certified.  Our Island Hoppers are Coast Guard Certified for 12-15 passengers.  Our Seahawks are Coast Guard Certified for up to 18 passengers and the Prophet is Coast Guard Certified for 35 passengers.  

What does it mean to be “Coast Guard Certified”?

We choose to be Coast Guard Certified because safety is our #1 priority. We go through extensive annual Coast Guard inspections including:

  • Mandatory random drug testing for the crew and CPR Certification.
  • High water alarms, which alerts when there is water too high within the vessel.
  • Automatic fire extinguishers will automatically shut off the fuel if triggered, and extinguish fire in the engine room.
  • All vessels have at least 36” railings for the safety of small children, which does not require children to wear life vests.
  • All vessels have the required number of certified life preservers on board.
  • All vessels have first aid kits, life rafts, life rings and strobe water lights on board.

Will I catch fish?

We catch fish daily! Our Captains are out on the lake 365 days per year and it is their job to help you catch fish. Lake Tahoe is a tricky lake to fish, but our skilled crew will guide you! It is important to listen to all instructions given to you from the crew so you as the angler can land fish in the boat!

What food/drinks will be on the boat?

Our morning charters include hot coffee, water and sodas. You are more than welcome to bring any additional food or drinks with you on the boat, just as long as there are NO BANANAS! 😉

What do I need to bring with me?

Dress in layers so you are prepared for Lake Tahoe weather. Winters in Lake Tahoe are a dry cold – so dress in your winter attire!

Sunscreen, hats, gloves, a camera and your fishing license if you have one!

Where do I park during my fishing charter?

You can park in the Ski Run Marina lot for free during the winter month. Between May and September parking is $6/hour or a max charge of $30/day.  During the Summer months Zephyr Cove Marina charges $10/day for parking.

What is the difference between a Public and a Private charter?

A Public charter is ideal for parties from a single fisherman to 5 people. If you party is 6 or more it will be considered as a Private Charter. Private Charters ensure that it is just you and your party on the boat with your own crew.

Do I need a fishing license?

Everyone who is 16 and older is required to have a fishing license. Both California and Nevada fishing licenses work on Lake Tahoe. We have a CA Fish and Game license kiosk in our office and can issue you a 1-day license for $17.02 each. We also can issue annual, 2-day, 10-day, additional stamps and hunting licenses and draws.


Is Tahoe Sport Fishing open?

Yes, we are open in a limited capacity that allows us to maintain safety and a physical distance between groups as well as our crew.

What can I do to support Tahoe Sport Fishing?

If you’d like to support our business, please consider booking a trip or buy a gift card for later use! If you come out fishing with us and have a good time, let the deckhand know you appreciate them by leaving them a good tip. We’ve had a pretty rocky restart, so your help and support are greatly appreciated by all!

Is it OK to travel in order to fish with Tahoe Sport Fishing?

We can’t give legal advice. We are open in accordance with all state and local laws and orders, and have been working closely with state and local agencies to ensure we provide a safe venue for fishing. We urge you to stay current on and read the governor’s orders regarding travel, and abide by all guidelines for individuals, as each individual may have different considerations. If you are from a different state, please abide by your state’s mandates as well.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our normal cancellation policy is 48 hours before your trip. Due to the extreme set of circumstances we find ourselves in, we are being flexible if the reasons for a cancellation have anything to do with quarantine, isolation, or flu-like symptoms. Please understand that we do this in good faith, and we appreciate as much notice that you can give us if you need to cancel your trip. We will already be operating with severely reduced numbers, which makes it hard to pay all expenses and still make a profit. Last minute cancellations will be a big loss for all of us involved, who are trying to make it through these crazy times. We cannot guarantee a refund for day of cancellations as our staff is already there working.

Can I buy the whole boat for a private trip for my group?

Yes! That is a great way to play it safe. Since our capacity will change as restrictions ease. You can book the whole boat. You will need to pay the costs associated with renting the whole boat. PLEASE NOTE, this may change between the time of booking and the trip. If it increases, we’ll call you to see if you’d like to book out the extra spots. To find out our current capacity or book your trip, call us directly at 530.541.5448

What cleaning measures are you taking on your vessels?

Our crew has stepped up the already thorough cleaning measures taken after each trip. The deck and outer surfaces of the boat are scrubbed daily. Pole handles, rails, and inside surfaces are further disinfected with appropriate cleaners. Hand sanitizer is available onboard for use during the trip. Office workers will be taking extra care to sanitize any commonly touched surfaces.

I am coughing or sneezing, but it’s just allergies. Can I still go fishing?

For the comfort of all of our passengers in these uncertain times, we ask that if you are coughing for any reason (more than just a normal cough to clear your throat) that you DO NOT GO FISHING. Even if it is allergies, it makes everyone onboard very uncomfortable in present circumstances. You might try booking for later in the season when the pollen is not so prevalent.

Are you going to take my temperature?

We might. As always, our largest concern is that we keep our passengers, captains, and crew as safe as possible. We recommend that you take your own temperature daily leading up to the trip to make sure you aren’t running a fever. If you are showing symptoms we will take your temperature. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to board the boat.

This all sounds like a lot of work just to go fishing, is this fishing trip still going to be any fun?

Yes! What doesn’t sound better right now than getting out in the fresh air and hauling in some fish? You have the unique opportunity to fish from large, comfortable boats with a smaller number of people onboard. Our crew loves fishing, and even though reduced numbers make it tough to pay bills, we just want to get out there and do what we love. We think you’ll have a great time, even if we all have to make some adjustments to the way we would normally do things. Also consider that you are directly contributing to keeping our crew working during this difficult time, so we can still be here for you when things start to get back to normal. Thanks for your continued support!

Is Lake Tahoe safe for me to travel to?

Please rest assured that we are working closely with the government entities in El Dorado county to make sure that we continue to keep folks as safe throughout the remainder of the season. All people travelling to Lake Tahoe should follow state and CDC’s guidelines for individuals to keep themselves safe. Also please read carefully all orders from the Governor Newsome and abide by state mandates regarding individuals and travel.

When will the hotels be opening?

Hotels seem to be opening on a different timeline. Many are open now. Please call each hotel directly to see what their current status is.

When will the RV Parks and campgrounds open up?

Campgrounds are re-opening slowly and on different timelines. Please call the individual campground you are interested in for more info.

How can I help keep Tahoe residents safe, considering their limited healthcare services?

The number one way to keep us all safe is to STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. Also, PLEASE STAY HOME IF A FAMILY MEMBER IS SICK. If you have knowingly been exposed to someone with Covid-19, PLEASE STAY HOME. We do ask that you call us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your trip so that we can work to get the spots filled.

What is your refund policy?

Our normal cancellation policy is 48 hours before your trip. Due to the extreme set of circumstances we find ourselves in, we will be flexible if the reasons for a cancellation have anything to do with quarantine, isolation, or flu-like symptoms. Please understand that we do this in good faith, and we appreciate as much notice that you can give us if you need to cancel your trip. We will already be operating with severely reduced numbers, which makes it hard to pay all expenses and still make a profit. Last minute cancellations will be a big loss for all of us involved, who are trying to make it through these crazy times. We cannot guarantee a refund for day of cancellations as our staff is already there working.

What if I feel sick and it’s already in the time frame for a refund?

CALL US. We would much rather keep our passengers, captains and crew safe than take a chance. We are being extremely flexible with refunds due to the extenuating circumstances.

The deckhand took my temperature and refused to let me go on the boat. I am not sick, and now I’m mad that I can’t go - can I get a refund?

We are trying to be as flexible with refunds as possible, but we also need to be fair to our crew members who count on having healthy folks to take out fishing. We give folks multiple opportunities for a refund if they simply call before their trip. If we refund someone who is sick but showed up at the dock to fish anyway, our crew goes home without pay for that seat (and so do we). We simply ask that you keep very close tabs on your own health and DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE SICK. We reserve the right to do temp-checks on each passenger before they board the boat until it becomes clear that it isn’t necessary to do so anymore.

When is your office open?

Our office is currently open.. We are usually at the office in the morning when there are boats going out, and then staffed from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Please wear your mask in the office.

Can I still come by the office for a fishing license?

Yes. Please wear your mask in our office and be mindful of maintaining a physical distance of 6 ft.

Can I come into the office to buy swag?

Yes. Please ask for assistance when browsing and refrain from trying items on.

How do I check in?

In order to avoid large groups gathering in the office, please only send one person from your group in at a time. Please have payment ready and any license information ready. Feel free to provide these items at the time of booking.

What is an e-waiver and why do I need to sign it?

The new e-waiver includes the passenger contract and information on possible risks you may encounter should you choose to fish from a charter boat. This new e-waiver will be accessible via an email/text link sent to the person who booked the reservation, who must then have each person in their party fill it out (you can just forward/copy and paste the email/text to each person). We are ironing out the details of this new system, so we thank you for your patience!

How many people will be on the boat?

The number of people allowed onboard will likely vary with each boat and each trip type, but our current policy is to allow at least 6 ft of space between groups. We are currently limiting passengers Hoppers to around 6, which is less than 50% capacity. We do anticipate increasing our capacity if possible as the summer goes on and restrictions continue to relax, as long as it seems safe to do so.

Are you allowing ride alongs?

Since we are operating at 50% capacity we need to charge fisherman pricing for each space. A person is more than welcome to pay that rate and not fish, but we highly recommend giving it a go.

Are children under 5 still free?

Again, since we are operating our boats at 50% capacity, we cannot currently extend this offer. Each person on our boat will be charged the full rate of a fisherman..

Can I go inside the cabin onboard?

Due to physical distancing requirements, we are asking all passengers to use the cabin sparingly, mainly if you need to use the head (restroom) or retrieve a bag. If you need to use the cabin for a short time, please make sure your face covering is in place, and avoid sharing cabin space with members of other groups. You’ll be outside most of the day, so please make sure you dress in layers, and bring appropriate outerwear!

Are you still providing food on board?

Unfortunately, we had to stop offering food on board in order to keep everyone safe. Guests are more than welcome to bring their own food and drinks on board. Just as always, NO BANANAS! There are still sodas and waters on both trips and coffee in the morning.

Do I need to wear a mask?

We are currently requiring a face covering for every passenger when in the office and during any time onboard that a 6 ft distance between groups/individuals is difficult to maintain. This includes, but is not limited to, bar crossings and while receiving help from a crew member. We ask you to bring your own snug fitting mask, bandanna, thick neck-sock, or scarf. Any are acceptable as long as they can fully contain a cough or a sneeze.

Will deckhands be wearing a face covering?

Our deckhands will wear face coverings when they cannot maintain a 6 ft distance. In order to keep PPE available to the workers who need it the most (healthcare workers), our deckhands may be wearing home-made face coverings.

Will the captains be wearing a face covering?

Captains may wear face coverings, but due to the nature of their duties (frequent radio and loudspeaker use that require clear vocal communications) we do not plan this as a strict requirement at this time.

How can I tip the deckhand without shaking their hand?

You are more than welcome to give the captain a tip and forgo the handshake or leave the tip in the office. If you prefer to leave a tip by card, the office staff can assist you. Be sure you tell us which Captain your tip should go to!

Can I smoke on board?


How do I pick up my fish after the trip?

Due to physical distancing measures, please send only one person from your party to collect your fish. If there is already someone picking up their fish, please wait until they are finished before approaching the area and keep at least 6 ft distance between people not in the same family.

Lake Tahoe Daily Fish Limits

Makinaw (Lake Trout) – limit 2/day

A combined fish total of 5 fish altogether.

Helpful reminders

What to Bring?

We recommend that our customers dress in layers, so as to be prepared for all weather conditions. November through May can bring snow and/or rain and cold temperatures. Unlike weather in other parts of the country, cold weather here is a dry cold. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

  • Layers of Clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen


Fishing License

Don’t forget your CA or NV State Fishing License! All fisherman 16 & older are required to have a fishing license for either California or Nevada.

If you don’t have one already, we sell the CA one-day and annual licenses in our Ski Run office!

The one-day license is $17.02 each and can be purchased when you check in for your charter.

Ski Run Marina 

900 Ski Run Boulevard, Suite 101
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Phone: (530) 541-5448

Zephyr Cove Marina 

Closed for the season
760 Highway 50
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
Phone: (775) 586-9338


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